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LADCP is changing our name

The new name is: Louisiana Association of Drug and Specialty Courts
The new website is: WWW.LADSC.ORG

As many of you may remember the association has been considering a name change since the Supreme Court Drug Court Office (SCDCO) has changed their name to the Supreme Court Drug and Specialty Court Office (SCDSCO). An email was sent out to members to request input. After consideration of the names the board took a vote and passed a resolution to change our name to the Louisiana Association
of Drug and Specialty Courts. This will keep our association in lock step with the SCDSCO as we move forward.

In addition we will be changing our website address to the following: Everything else remains the same as far as our address, P.O. Box 2664, Morgan City, La. 70381 and our phone contacts 985-518-1279 and faxline at 985-385-3803.

LADSC will continue to operate as we have under our old name and your membership for this year is secured under the new name. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to call either our main number of one of our board members.

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Board Meeting

During the conference in April the board was very busy with many housekeeping issues. One of the most important things discussed was the conference in 2019. Due to the fact that LADSC can no longer afford the New Orleans hotel prices the conference will be moved to Lake Charles. The L’auberge will accommodate an expanded schedule to facilitate training for the specialty courts who have been added to the organization.

With that said, a great deal of time was spent on the speakers for next years conference. Many of the board members will be attending the National Association of Drug Court Professionals Conference in Huston in May of 2018. The board will meet during the conference so that many board members will have heard certain speakers and will render an opinion as to weather they could accommodate the Louisiana Drug and Specialty Court Professionals. By this means we will get a great cross-section of opinions from the board members.

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Board Elections

During the Board meeting, board officers were elected. Those who were elected are as follows:

Melissa Carter-President
Beth Broussard-Vice President
Laurie McGehee-Secretary
Pamela Forrest-Treasure

Additionally new board member now
serving are:

Judge Lauren Lemmon, Dan Moreau
and Robin Prannagl.

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LADSC Board of Directors

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LADSC 10 Years of Service

Caddo Family Preservation Court

10 JDC Juvenile, Natchitoches

27th Adult, Caldwell


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LADSC 20 Years of Service

22nd Adult, St. Tammany and Washington

Jefferson Juvenile

21st Adult, Livingston, St. Helena and Tangipahoa

16th Adult, New Iberia

15th Adult, Lafayette

4th Adult, Ouachita adn Morehouse

19th Adult, Baton Rouge


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LADCP Overall Evaluation

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LADCP Speaker/Workshop Evaluation



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Calendar of Events

2019 LADSC Conference 

When: March 27-29 

Where: L'Auberge Resort Lake Charles, Louisiana

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